Instructions for Authors
This page provides the necessary information on how to prepare and submit your paper. Please read these notes carefully and follow them precisely. In order to prepare the electronic version of the Conference Proceedings that will be distributed on a usb memory stick, all papers need to be uploaded to the conference website by the authors, who are fully responsible for ensuring the format and quality of the paper and they are kindly requested to follow the instruction below.

Paper Submission Procedure
Authors need to create an account on this Website, then log in, and upload the full paper together with a blinded version. The full paper includes the name of the author(s) and the affiliation, while the blinded version, which will be used for the review process, does not contain any author names and affiliation. Please use the suffix 'blind' for the blinded paper such that the file name will be e.g. "yourpaperfilename_blind.docx". After succesful submission of the paper authors can check the status of the paper, download reviewer comments and submit a revised version of the manuscript through the website account. Additionally, the authors will be notified by email using the address specified in the author account by any change of the paper status.

Language and Format of Papers
The paper has to be written in English, either in the MS word (*.docx) or Latex format.

Paper ID
The paper ID is the paper identification number shown in the author area after you submit the paper.

Permissions and Copyrights
Authors are fully responsible for their manuscripts. They must undertake the necessary procedure to obtain the permission for using any material that might be confidential or protected by copyright.

Paper Template
A template for the paper is available through the download buttons below, which includes instructions for the paper format to ensure a uniform style of the papers in the conference proceedings. Papers which do not comply with the paper format specified in the template cannot be accepted.

Download MS Word Template for English Version PapersDownload LaTeX Template for English Version PapersDownload MS Word Template for Chinese Version Papers